126th Annual Euroa Show

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016
Sheep - Cattle - Horses -
Shearing - Wool - Poultry
Dog Sections
Miss Junior Showgirl
Miss & Master Tiny Tot Competition                    
N.R. Ralston Pavilion

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016
Horse Events

Timetable of Events 2016

7.30 a.m.   Yard Dogs
8.15 a.m.   Horse Classes - all day
9.00 a.m.   V.C.A. Dog Classes-Finishing at 2.00pm
9.00 a.m.   Shearing Events
9.00 a.m.   N.R. Ralston Pavilion
9.30 a.m.   Sheep Judging
9.30 a.m.   Poultry Judging
9.30 a.m.   Cattle Judging
10.00 a.m. Wool - all day                                    
11.45 a.m. Opening of Show - Steph Ryan MP
12.00 noon Miss Junior Showgirl Judging                     12.30 p.m. Balmoral Highland Dancers
1.00 p.m.   Miss and Master Tiny Tots Competition
1.45 p.m.   Garden Club Competition results           

Sideshows, Trade Exhibits, Food Vans, Public Bar,
Snake & Reptile Display, Horsemanship Display.                                    
Horse events - all day


Admission Charges
Regional Show Dates

The Euroa Agricultural Societies history book, The Show is the Shop Window of the District; 130 years of the Euroa Agricultural & Pastoral Society: 1885 - 2015 is now available at the Euroa Newsagents or contact the Secretary.



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Euroa Show 2016 Survey

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The Euroa Agricultural Society has been awarded the Australia Day Organization of the Year 2016.

Show Day Raffle Results:                                                          1st BBQ - Stephan                                                                     2nd Side of Lamb - Robyn Law                                                     3rd Side of Lamb - Jackie Penman                                               4th Cake - Geraldine Mawson                                                       5th Shortbread - Jenny Strong


• Show Book / Show Schedule: Sheep, Cattle, Shearing, Wool, Poultry, Dog Sections, N.R. Ralston Pavilion and Miss Showgirl.

• Sheep Health Statement
• Cattle Entry Form
• Cattle Handlers Waiver
• Cattle Handlers Waive (U18)
• Cattle Health Declaration (download updated 16/8/2016)

• Horse Program 2016